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The headquarters of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. (CNHTC) is located in Jinan city, Shandong Province, P. R. China. It is the cradle and leading production base of the heavy-duty truck industry in China. It is famous for developing and manufacturing the first heavy duty truck -- “HUANGHE” brand vehicle model JN150 in China, for successful introducing the “STEYR” heavy duty truck production project, and for setting up a joint venture with VOLVO to manufacture the heavy duty trucks with up-to-date international level.


CNHTC was founded on the basis of Jinan Automobile Works (JAW). JAW was founded in 1935, and mainly manufactured spare parts of trucks. It started developed and manufactured heavy-duty truck in 1956 and became a manufacturer of heavy-duty truck in China. -- “HUANGHE” brand vehicle model JN150 with payload 8 tons in April 1963, ended the history that heavy-duty truck cannot be manufactured in China. Chairman Mao Zedong visited this sample truck when he surveyed Jinan on April 4th, 1963. Commander Zhude signed the name of “HUANGHE” for this truck. Since then, CNHTC manufactured several hundred thousand units of heavy-duty trucks, made an important contribution to the developing of civil economy.


At present, CNHTC has Jinan Truck Co., Ltd., Jinan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., Jinan Power Co., Ltd., Jinan Axle Co. Ltd., Jinan Special Vehicle Co., Ltd., Jinan Bus Co., Ltd, and Huawo Truck Co., Ltd. in Jinan Area for manufacturing and assembling of truck CBU, manufacturing and processing of engine, axle, gearbox, wheel, propeller shaft, cab trimming, seat and so on components and parts, and producing and manufacturing task of bus and special vehicle. In Shandong Area, there are Qingdao Special Vehicle Company, Taian Wuyue Special Vehicle Company, Jining Refitting Vehicle Company and Jinan Park Machine Company for manufacturing of special trucks and refitting trucks. Out of Shandong, there are Hangzhou Truck Engine Works of Jinan Power Co., Ltd., Chongqing Fuel Pump & Nozzle Factory and so on. The Technical Development Center at the Jinan headquarters, which is a state level enterprise technical center, supplies powerful technical support for the R & D of CNHTC’s products. Besides, CNHTC also has been managing subsidiaries such as real estate company, import & export company, Hong Kong company, finance company, Xinhai vouching company, and property management company etc. CNHTC also possesses a listed company, namely, A stock “G CNHTC”.


In Jan. 18th, 2001, through a number of reforms and restructures, CNHTC has built a new corporate system and made the company operate actively.


Since reformation and reorganization, CNHTC has raised its sales profit from CNY 6.2 billion to 23 billion Yuan. The production and selling of truck CUB raised from 7000 to 45000, the market share was improved from less than 4% to 18% and reached three “Number one” in China: number one in the segment of heavy tractors sold in China, number one in the segment of large power engine (>300hp) sold in China and number one in the segment of heavy duty truck equipped with engine (more than 10 liter) in China. In 2005, under the descending condition of production and selling for heavy-duty truck domestically, CNHTC still kept increase properly, and promoted its market possession for 4%, the sales amount reached 150 million USD.


In July 15th, 2005, the “Top 500” in the mechanical companies in China was announced and CNHTC ranked 17th. And in “Top 500 of large-size” in mechanical companies, it ranked 15th. From 2004 to 2005, several national leaders, Mr. Wu Bangguo, Mr. Wang Zhaoguo, Ms. Wuyi have visited CNHTC in succession, they all praised the development of CNHTC and put forward ardent expectation.